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Well I guess the only thing to say about myself is this:Daughter #1, Progeny #2, Smart, beautiful, and the sweetest thing since marshmallows. :) oh and I forgot on more thing... humble. ;)

Friday, August 19, 2005


Why the heck did I ever start another blog?? I never ever write in this one.... I mean I have a hard enough time keeping up with my lj one. Besides it seems totally silly to write the same things in both, when the only poeple who read these are my fam and they would read my lj anyway... craziness.... bla..... anyway... I have so much junk I have been putting off doing, SS stuff mostly, like broshure ness and answering e-mails.... but hey, I will think about it tomorrow :) hahahahahaha I bought Batman bandaids at the store, they are cool :D yay Batman!!! I am so excited, x-men is totally being filmed here and my dad knows someone who saw halle berry in the elevator of the hotel they are staying at. cool huh?? you know what is cooler?? Harry Potter is coming out in November!!! Yahoo! I find myself reading fan fiction just to keep the world alive for my, now that I am done 6.... I have become slightly obsessed.... but only slightly... and maybe obsessed is too strong but hey... I was thinking about "Must love dogs" today, and almost wanna go see it again. I wonder if Nik would go with me... maybe if I bought her ticket.... hmmmmm... I should ask. I wonder if it's worth the moola.... but it was cute. Although we want to see "Four Brothers" too, so we should see that first I guess. Hmmm. maybe the weekend Brian is here we could go. He might want to see "FB" too.... hmmmmm also something I should ask about. Well Night night, I better sign off. Who knew I had all this stuff to write that I did not put in my lj.... this might be possible after all.... Night!

Thursday, August 04, 2005

It's really hot in here, so take off... your socks.

Man is today super hot. phew. If I weren't so darn tired after working today I would want to go to the beach. Yay beach! Oh well.... I could not wait to get home today to take off my shoes and socks... I had to fight the temptation all day! :) oh well. I am glad to say that I am off of work for a week! More than because I don't go back until Monday... YAY! even if I will be working up at Summer Staff it will be nice to be off. Yup, yuppers, yuppity, yup......

Saturday, July 30, 2005

He he, ha ha, to the funny farm.....

What i really need to be doing right now is sleeping, since work calls to me for the morning.....but here I... well, lay... writting. I have decided that this is my nonsensical (man how I would love to be able to spell) blog. Nothing important, only airy crap. :) and me showing off my dashing, shinning wit. HAHAHAHA if only. Reading is fun.... Potter is angry, I had forgotten, it's like, get over it already and I'm only 1 chapter into the re-read....... Yup..... My mom is mad at me. I fell sick... that's not airy, but it is needed to be said.... so much for not saying important stuff. It's nice to know that I stay by my convictions....


Thursday, July 28, 2005

I've been sucked in!

I really don't know how I intend to keep up with two blogs when my lj post tomight was about how I let things slide after a week or two.. but I have been sucked in by my father and brother, because the only way to comment on their posts os to have a blog of my own, so we shall see how it goes.
Fpr those of you arriving from aforementioned blogs do not expect the with a way with words bot my father and brother posess, I will simply blow you away with my smile... =D
(like a feather.... mwahahahahaha)